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Bob Fit

Movement Made Easy

Let me simplify fitness for you.


Getting fit takes work. But with a trainer like me, you don’t have to figure it out! I have the uniquely ideal education and experience to create a plan that actually works. That’s because it’s personalized for both your mind and body.


Get help with almost any fitness challenge - physical or mental.


I’m a certified personal trainer and running coach. I’m ALSO a professional counselor, licensed massage therapist, and nutrition coach. This background gives me a deeper understanding of mind and body - and how they can work together to get you results!


Discover habit-changing techniques that last.


We’ll start with your fitness level and goals. I’ll keep you on track to reach those goals with the routines, mindset, and accountability that a trainer like me can provide. I know just where to make the little changes that will make a big difference, and how to get you motivated to stick to it.


You won’t be bored with one-dimensional exercises.


There are so many exercises that you might not know about. I’ll give you a variety of ways to target areas you want to improve. And we won’t be working on machines, so the workout will challenge your balance and stability through integrated movement.  


I have an easygoing attitude that makes fitness fun.


If you’re going to exercise on the regular, you should be having regular fun! That’s the best way to build structure in your fitness. You can count on me to give you the consistency you need with encouragement, patience and humor.


I do this because I believe we all NEED to move.


Listen, I know what it’s like to get stuck! On those days when I struggle to get out the door, I too look for accountability... a friend, my trainer, a goal. I’ll help you build strategies to get you unstuck, and remind you of how much better you feel after you go for a run or workout.  


Nothing works as much as movement.


I can’t help but feel less stressed, more calm, focused, and confident when I move. It started when I was very young, with golf and tennis at just 6 years old. This continued with my running in high school and beyond. But I wasn’t getting results because I wasn’t targeting my workouts. I wanted to win races, so I learned how to get better with specific training.


Later, I noticed a similar pattern working as a Massage Therapist. The clients that improved were the ones that were engaged with their “homework.” Which meant they were also targeting the issue with movement: stretching, strengthening, and stability. The ones that didn’t improve were only coming in for treatment, which only got them temporary relief. I realized that the real problem was that they needed more exercise and movement!


Massage is a great way to relieve tension and improve mobility, but I knew strength and stability were the missing piece for recovery, as well as long term quality of life. So, I started run coaching and enjoyed it so much I got my personal training certification. Now I can integrate those missing pieces through massage and training!

Become happy, healthy and energized again.

If you want to make long term improvements in your fitness, I’ll help guide you in movement that feels good and is beneficial. Let me help you reach your goals. Learn how here.


Bob Nelson of BobFit is known for his positive and engaging nature, paired with a strong technical and therapeutic education to create an easy and customized fitness program that works.

He is certified as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition, and Run Coach. He has worked over 20 years as a licensed Massage Therapist and holds a Master's degree in Psychology. His education and experience provide clients the structure needed to reach their goals as well as the emotional support and understanding that helps others change.


"BobFit helped me get working out more regularly. It was a very responsive program that I felt was tailored specifically for me. The program helped me overcome my excuses for not exercising on a regular basis with just the right amount of coaching and personal attention. Thanks Bob!!"


"I loved working with Bobfit the past 2 months. He was able to tailor the workouts to my specific needs and to use equipment that I already owned. The videos were short, informative and helpful. I felt motivated to complete each workout given and I am feeling stronger after just a few weeks. Thanks Bob for making workouts fun again!"


"Bob as a trainer is very attentive. He’s great at following up on what was going on with your body to ensure you won’t be injured. Bob comes up with new exercises to maintain some excitement and newness in the workouts, while still achieving your goals. Bob can help you achieve what you want and is willing to work with you to be as fit as you want to be."

“Okay...I have to admit that I was skeptical at first when I started nutrition coaching with Bob.  I was expecting a concrete plan with an exact road map on how to achieve my desired weight loss by day 2 of the program.  I was ready to race to the finish line like the old fable of the hare and the tortoise. Well, if I was the hare then PN (Precision Nutrition) was the tortoise.  I quickly realized that this was not like any diet plan I had ever been on. What! counting calories, points, weighing of food?!!! ProCoach (PN’s nutrition software) is a habit changing program that guides you through all facets of nutrition and healthy food choices.  Along with Bob’s coaching, it helps you break your unconscious food habits that you don't even think about. It changes your mindset on what you thought you knew about weight loss and healthy living. Everyday I look forward to my PN email to read the words of encouragement, to prepare for the next habit changing challenge and to review the incredible success I have achieved.  The combination of Bob’s coaching sessions and ProCoach is the perfect plan to achieve accountability in your weight loss goals. It provides a strong foundation to live your life being mindful of your food choices. You are also supported when you fall off the wagon with a fast food wrapper in your hand! In the last five months I have lost 30 pounds because of Bob, Precision Nutrition and the vital support and education I get every day!”

"That was huge for me. … It was one of my best swims ever! But let me tell you, it’s not easy swimming with 3000 people in the water! … I’m so glad I did it!  Thanks so much."

"Bob Nelson has this wonderful mix of skills and knowledge that make him a total pleasure to work with as a coach: excellent listener, deep knowledge of the body, holistic understanding of runners’ mind-body connection, empathy and observation. Also, he is a running geek who truly seems to enjoy both the technical and human sides of training and coaching. In a remarkably short time working together, Bob addressed ways I could smooth out my form, allowed me to consider some different ways to train, and identified exactly how to strengthen and where. Working with him gave me back the joy of running that I had lost. I can’t wait to work with him again!"

"The race was good! I did it faster than I thought. … Thanks for all your help!!"