Massage Therapy

Due to Covid, I'm not currently offering massage services.


Fitness that feels really good!

Relieve tension and pain and take your fitness to a whole new level.

Massage is an important part of fitness.

Massage isn't just a luxury, it's essential for good health. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability, and has a huge effect on all areas of general wellness.

Relieve tension and pain

When you’re diving into a new exercise program, you’re likely to feel sore muscles. Massage can relieve tension and speed up recovery.  

Get relief right when you need it.


I’ve often helped clients who were experiencing pain and tightness before or after a run or workout. Massage can be integrated into a session for mobility and pain relief.


So much good stuff.


There are so many good things about massage! Improved digestion, relieved muscle tension, stronger immunity, better lymphatic flow, stress relief, and enhanced muscle performance.




I’m flexible with my packages. You can switch out personal training for massages and vice-versa, so you can use what you want when you want.

Massage Rates

$80 / 60mins (or $210 / 3 pack)

$115 / 90mins (or $310 / 3 pack)

Monthly Massage Package

Make massage a part of your monthly habit. Nagging injuries, stress, aches and pains… regular massage can make a change.

$195 for 3 month minimum

(*massages must be scheduled monthly)

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