Mobility Madness (online)

Stretch and mobilize your tight spots in this class. We will use a combination of self-massage techniques, stretching, and gentle movement to decrease pain, tension, stress and improve range of motion. No experience necessary.


Equipment needed: foam roller, massage balls*, yoga strap or belt.

Dates: Fridays

Time: 12:45-1:15

Cost: $15 drop in or $50/4 pack


*I recommend these balls as they have more grip and give than other types of self-massage tools. I get a small commission for every purchase. Thank you! The small Yoga Tune Up balls are a good start and travel well. I also recommend the Alpha as it is more effective for certain body parts. If you are local I have some of these in stock for pick up.

Small Group Combo (currently online only)
Tues 10-11am, 12-1pm
$30 drop-in $250/10 pack
This class focuses primarily on overall strength, endurance, and stability. Dumbbells and mini bands needed.