Strength and Conditioning Program for Runners

What: 6 week strength and conditioning program including: tempo, hill, and speed workouts, strength, conditioning, mobility routines, and a weekly training plan.

Where: Mt. Tabor Basketball Courts (Map)

When: Thursday mornings 6:30-7:45am, Aug  27- Oct 1.

Goals: Improve your mile time and overall pace, learn how to integrate proper strength, conditioning, and mobility into your running routine to prevent injury and improve performance.

Cost: $90

Prerequisites: Currently running a minimum of 3x per week with at least 2 years running experience. Able to run 6 miles at any pace.

Matt Walsh is an Australian trained PT with 33 years of experience in running related injury and rehab. He combines his depth of PT and personal athletic experiences together in creative and scientific ways. Matt lived on 60th ave on Mt Tabor for 14 years and so is really excited to play again in his old backyard!

Bob Nelson is known for his positive and engaging nature, paired with a strong technical and therapeutic education to create customized fitness experiences that work.

He is certified as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition, and Run Coach. He has worked over 20 years as a licensed Massage Therapist and holds a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. His education, experience, and personality provide clients the structure needed as well as the emotional support and understanding to reach their goals.





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